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Fund Raising Friend Program

The Stock Shop would be glad to help you with your fundraising efforts.

The Stock Shop offers store vouchers for your group/club to give out to members, supporters, attendees and friends that invite them to come shop at our store once. In return, The Stock Shop will give your group/club 20% of their total sales (before tax).

Gift vouchers are good one per household, one shopping trip only. The program will run for 30 days maximum and you can decide the start and end date of your Fundraising Friends Program. At the end of each quarter we will reconcile the vouchers returned and send a check for the 20% donation to your group.

The more folks that shop with us, the more money your group/club will receive!

If you are interested in this program to generate funds for your group/event please contact Daniele Bloomquist, Marketing Director, at 602-526-0788 or marketing@afcountrystore.com to get started.