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Planting Instructions For Winter Pasture Seeds

Planting Date: You can begin planting after the daytime temperature remains in the low 90’s. Usually planting starts after mid-September and extends through January 1st. Planting can resume again February 1st and continue into mid-February.

Soil preparation: If over seeding Giant or Pasture Bermuda grass, we suggest using a light disc on the Bermuda field before planting to loosen the soil and give the seed a place to take root. Seed should be broadcast at the rate of 80-120 pounds per acre. Then followed by light harrowing to increase the soil contact and improve stand establishment. The seed should not be planted deeper than 1 inch.

Those planting small fields need to recognize that birds may eat most of the seed if it is not worked into the soil. Most small acreage farmers do not have access to tractors and discs. Therefore doing at least one of the following methods will increase your germination percentage: 1.) Cover seed with manure, lawn or leaf clippings, or straw. 2.) Use the smaller annual ryegrass seed instead of the larger pasture seeds like oats and barley. 3.) Rake the seed into the soil by hand. 4.) Seed heavier, you can double your application rate.

Irrigation: the seed needs to stay wet until it germinates, usually in 7 days. Seed that dries out during the germinating process will die. Sprinkler irrigate daily or flood irrigate ever 3-14 days as your soil permits.

Fertilization: Every lot is different. Some people do not fertilize at all. We recommend 25-50 pounds of Nitrogen per month. That will get you a terrific pasture that will grow quickly.

Grazing: Let your pasture get established before you turn your animals out in it. Generally that means 30 days after it has germinated. For higher yields and a longer pasturing period rotate your animals off the pasture for a few days each month to allow re-growth.

What is Winter Mix?

Generally, any combination of Barley, Oats, Wheat and Rye.

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