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Horse Cubes for Moderate to Heavy Activity, Nursing Mares, Weanlings, Yearlings

Ingredients: Sun Cured Alfalfa Hay, All Natural Bentonite

According to Karen Briggs, author of Nutrition 101 in The Horse magazine, “Cubes have the advantage of being compact and easy to store… they can deliver more concentrated nutrition pound for pound.”

This product is currently $49.99
Offer valid through: 05/31/19. Some restrictions may apply.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Get a jump start on fly control. Start your horse on SimpliFly® Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop™ early in the spring and continue throughout the summer until cold weather restricts fly activity. Break the fly life cycle by preventing the development into mature adults.

  • Prevents development of house and stable flies in manure when horses are continually treated
  • Highly palatable; just add to horse's feed
  • Contains no organophosphates
  • Only equine feed-thru fly control granted reduced risk pesticide status by the EPA
  • Contains Diflubenzuron

Equine Barn Boxes are now available in store. ONLY $9.99. These would make the perfect gift for all of the horse lovers out there! Every Barn Box is different.

  • Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.

This dependable, all-purpose automatic waterer is easy to connect to pipe, flex hose, or garden hose water supply. Works well for horses, cattle, hogs, goats, and other outside animals, with no special training required. Not intended for use inside a home. Safely operates between 20 and 50 pounds per square inch pressure. Constructed from heavy-gauge, prime-quality drawn, galvanized steel. Can be easily installed at any height using lag bolts or through bolts. Mounting plates are included but other mounting and water connection hardware are not included. Recommended mounting hardware to fence: two 3/8 inch diameter bolts or two 3/8 inch lag screws. Mounting to a wall: two 3/8 inch lag screws. Will fit a 1/2 inch pipe or hose with a left or right connection. Measures 10 inch long by 10.75 inch wide by 5.5 inch high.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

A high-fat, controlled starch, complete feed to meet the unique needs of senior horses

SafeChoice Senior gives your old friend what she needs to make every year golden. It’s specifically designed for horses over fifteen, especially those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, exhibiting sluggishness, experiencing issues with muscle or coat quality, or having difficulty chewing their hay.

  • UPC: 087219127841
  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

West Nile Innovator + EWT – equine West Nile Virus combination vaccine. 
For the vaccination of healthy horses as an aid in the prevention of viremia caused by West Nile Virus, and as an aid in the prevention of equine encephalomyelitis due to Eastern and Western viruses, and tetanus.  Dosage: 1 ml IM, repeat in 3-4 weeks. Revaccinate annually.

We offer an assortment of Gate options:

gate 6ft 64.99

We offer an assortment of Corral Panels & accessories

panel-12 ft 84.99

panel-10ft 74.99

panel-8ft 71.99

panel 16ft 119.99

panel 12ft with gate 159.99

This product is currently $5.99
Offer valid through: 05/31/19. Some restrictions may apply.

  • UPC: 086621023284
  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

New formula contains prallethrin, a proven, effective synthetic substitue for natural pyrethrin. Prallethrin is exclusive to farnam for use in equine products. Repels and kills six fly species, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks.

  • UPC: 894534000052

Haystack Horse Treats are a favorite among our equine, and non equine friends. Made with Sun Cured Alfalfa Hay, Cranberries, and Wildberry Juice they have a wonderful smell and taste amazing to horses!

  • UPC: 726287128816
  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

Pneumabort-K+1b is the only equine vaccine labeled to help prevent respiratory disease caused by equine herpesvirus (EHV)-1p and EHV-1b as well as for use in pregnant mares as an aid in the prevention of abortion due to EHV-1 infections.

These mats are constructed of clean 100 percent recycled rubber. There are no overwhelming rubber odors, no hidden contaminants or filling agents, and no grooves which are prone to bacteria growth. They are easy on your horse and easy to keep clean.

  • Manufacturer: Total Equine

TOTAL Equine was developed from science and experience and first produced in 2000. The nutrient levels are based on what has been learned by scientific research over the last 40 years. The physical form of extrusion and the specific ingredients are what horses, mules and donkeys need to maximize health, attitude and performance.

  • Manufacturer: Cargill

A proven controlled starch formula for all life stages.

Nutritionally balanced for growing and mature horses alike, SafeChoice Original helps make feeding a wide range of horses more convenient - without sacrificing nutrition quality or peace of mind.

  • Manufacturer: Mountain Sunrise Feed

We now carry Mountain Sunrise Pellets!

  • Alfalfa/Timothy Pellets
  • Alfalfa Hay Pellets
  • Timothy Hay Pellets
  • Bermuda/Alfalfa Pellets
  • Bermuda Pellets
  • Oat Hay Pellets
  • Oat Hay/Alfalfa Pellet
  • Sunrise Complete 80/20 High Energy Pellets

  • Manufacturer: Troxel Helmets

The Stock Shop carries a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors of Troxel Helmets - including the very popular Fallon Taylor series!

  • Manufacturer: Horsemen's Pride Inc.

This extraordinary play ball is not like all of the others. Puncturing & biting will not destroy this ball as it does not need air to inflate! The North Store has different flavors and colors so your horse can have fun all year round!

Premium Oats, also known as Pony Oats, Racehorse Oats or Triple-Cleaned Oats. Oats destined to become Northern Elite Oats - Grade 1 are selected for good color, plumpness, large kernel size, heavy bushel weight, low moisture and low foreign material content. Only the highest quality oats are chosen for Northern Elite Oats - Grade 1.

  • Manufacturer: Suncoast Pine Shavings
  • SKU: 90600

The large flakes provide fluffy bedding for maximum cushioning for horses and other animals! Dry, ULTRA absorbent.

This is our original wash wand in the green color.  Simply attach to your garden hose and use the adjustable hand trigger to wash your horse or show animal.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with IMPACT® ALL STAGES Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition and a versatile formula that performs for horses of all ages and activity levels.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with IMPACT® ALL STAGES Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition and a versatile formula that performs for horses of all ages and activity levels.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Complete feed with high-quality forage built in to replace the hay or pasture in your senior horse’s diet.  Protein, vitamins & mineral fortification specifically to meet the needs of the aging horse. Added fat and highly digestible fiber to porovide necessary calories for the senior horse. Vitamin and mineral fortification to support bone strength, muscle and immune function. Controlled starch and sugar, formulated with no corn or corn by-products.

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