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Durvet Thrush Rid®

Durvet Thrush Rid®


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Horses - external use only on hooves.


  • Works against thrush and aids in prevention of thrush
  • Helps toughen soles and can be used under pads
  • Long lasting
  • Purple color shows where the product is working


P.V.P. Iodine Complex....................2% 
Gentian Violet........................ min 1%, max 5% 


FOR USE ON THRUSH: Apply to affected areas then follow up as needed with application when color starts fading. A single application is often all that is needed.

FOR PREVENTIVE AID OF TRUSH: Use once weekly in wet conditions, or once every two weeks in dry conditions.

Use well ventilated area.

Reapply as needed where color has faded.

Name Code Unit Size Case Size Case Weight
THRUSH RID® 7-45801-51110-1 2 oz. 12 2

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