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Gateway Products SU-PER Lyte paste

Gateway Products SU-PER Lyte paste

Gateway Products

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Provides balanced electrolytes to replace those lost during exercise or competition.

Paste with apple flavor. BUFFERED ELECTROLYTES AND TRACE MINERALS! Oral electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for horses during periods of high heat, hard work, training, or physical activity.

Amount to give:
Feed one tube the day before the event, one tube the day of the event, and one tube the day after the event.

PER SYRINGE: Sodium Chloride - 7,090 mg, Potassium Chloride - 5,675 mg, Calcium - 284 mg, Magnesium - 284 mg, Manganese - 19 mg, Zinc - 17 mg, Iron - 15 mg, Cobalt/Copper - 3.75 mg each

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