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Purina® Goat Grower 16 DQ .0015

Purina® Goat Grower 16 DQ .0015


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Purina® Goat Chow® goat feed is research-proven for the health and vitality of all breeds of goats. This highly palatable 16%-protein textured goat feed supplement contains whole grains and nutritious pellets. Purina® Goat Chow® goat feed is uniquely balanced for optimal body condition and can help build strong kids into healthy goats. Quality, nutritious ingredients make up this wholesome formula fortified with vitamins and minerals for advanced nutrition

Fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, vitamin E, and cobalt is designed to provide 16% protein from plant sources. Purina® Goat Chow® Goat Feed can be fed to dry does, growing does, bucks, Pygmy goats, Show goats and as a milking ration.

Features & Benefits

High-quality wholesome plant proteins

No animal protein sources

Highly palatable ration

Helps ensure consumption ; helps reduce sorting

Key trace minerals

Helps maintain strong bones, supports fertility and immune function

Natural oils from pure ingredients

Vibrant skin

Proper calcium to phosphorus ratio

Supports proper development of bones

Vitamins A, D & E

Optimal milk production, vibrant skin and coat


Min / Max
Crude Protein
16.00 %
Crude Fat
2.50 %
Crude Fiber
9.00 %
Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF)
11.00 %
Calcium (Ca)
0.80 %
Calcium (Ca)
1.30 %
Phosphorus (P)
0.60 %
Salt (NaCl)
0.75 %
Salt (NaCl)
1.25 %
Copper (Cu)
38.00 PPM
Copper (Cu)
48.00 PPM
Selenium (Se)
0.60 PPM
Vitamin A
5000 IU/LB
Vitamin D3
1000 IU/LB
Vitamin E
50 IU/LB

Feeding Directions

Purina Goat Chow may be fed to dry does and adult bucks at a rate of up to 1% of body weight per day. After kidding, feed an additional 1 lb of Purina Goat Chow for every 3 lbs of milk produced. For young growing kids, feed measured amounts of Purina Goat Chow up to 1.5% of body weight per day. Feed with good quality roughage to all goats after weaning.
Do not feed to sheep. This product contains copper. Store in dry, well ventilated area, protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, abortion or death.
Special Considerations
Feed one pound of Goat Chow for every three pounds of milk produced. Use Goat Chow free-choice for young kids. Feed with good quality roughage to all goats after weaning. Goat Chow is a supplement to be fed with free-choice forage
Read feed tag for specific feeding directions for each stage of life.

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