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Zyfend A

Zyfend A

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Zyfend A is a proprietary, all-natural supplement for use during feed changes, stressful times, environmental changes or other events to help maintain normal digestive health. With no egg discard! Currently used in organic certified flocks across the country. Contains enzymes, essential oils (flavoring) and yucca schidigera (flavoring) to help support normal digestion and digestive health. Make gut health a priority by adding Zyfend A to your poultry or waterfowl’s water for 1 week each month, or as needed, throughout the year. Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Beginning at 3 weeks of age, add 6 drops to every gallon of fresh water given to birds for 7 consecutive days. Repeat monthly or as needed throughout the year. Clean waterers regularly. Each 30 ml bottle contains enough to treat 90 gallons of water. Read and follow all label directions. Zyfend A is available individually and packaged 12 bottles/case display box.